Magiclay textures

Paper Magiclay is a lightweight, soft and elastic modelling compound. Paper Magiclay air dries in hours resembling a paper like texture when dry. It will bond wet to dry, no adhesives, joining techniques or tools are required.

It can be pulled, stretched, sprung back, rolled, shaped, cut, stamped, pressed to suit a variety of art or sculpture projects. To colour prior to modelling, simply knead in a dab of paint (water based), Food Dye or marker pen or decorate when dry. Paper Magiclay makes modelling easy, with no residue left on your hands or tools. Unused portions can be carefully wrapped/sealed and used again. It’s very soft and light consistency makes it attractive to children. When dry it becomes very strong yet maintains its featherweight qualities.

Suitable for:

Primary levels


Paper Magiclay, Gouache, tools to create different textures (muslin, tissue paper).

How to Create a Textured Surface from Magiclay

  1. Stretch out the Paper Magiclay so that it’s ribbon like.
  2. Whilst still wet, press directly onto your artwork – this enables it to adhere.
  3. Paper Magiclay may be coloured prior to modelling or painted when dry.
  4. Create a textured surface with form cuts and other tools.
  5. Muslin and Tissue Paper could also be added to make the textured background seamless.
  6. Gouache was used to colour the backgound and the Paper Magiclay.
  7. For this example, we have chosen to use both pre coloured and white Paper Magiclay. Turn a lifeless 2D into an image that jumps out from the canvas!