Magiclay xmas tree

Create a tree that has both texture and pattern as its main focus. This might be an individual activity or a whole class collaborative project.


  1. Paper Magiclay
  2. Rubbing Plate
  3. Cover Paper Black
  4. Brown Kraft Card
  5. Jute String
  6. PVA
  7. Corrugated Cardboard Natural

How to make a Magiclay Christmas Tree

1. Roll Paper Magiclay into small balls and then press each ball down onto a Rubbing Plate to form a flat disc.
2. Peel away the Magiclay from the Rubbing Plate to reveal a pattern and texture.
3. Continue making similar size discs of textured Magiclay until you have enough to cover a triangle of Cover Paper.
4. Use Brown Kraft Card as a background and cut the desired size triangle of black Cover Paper you want your tree to be.
5. Glue the black triangle on to the Brown Kraft Card and then glue the textured discs of Magiclay, beginning at the bottom edge and working your way up the triangle until only one disc will go across the top.
6. Tie a bow from Jute String and glue this to the top of the tree.