Paper Magiclay jewellery

Marble coloured Magiclay together to make unique beads which can then be used to create exquisite jewellery pieces! Experiment which colours work well together and develop your own lightweight jewellery!


  • Eye Pins
  • Shepherd Hooks
  • Jewellery Pliers Set
  • Paper Magiclay Coloured
  • Paper Magiclay White
  • Memory Wire Necklaces

How to make Magiclay Jewellery

To marble Paper Magiclay begin with a small piece of white Magiclay and combine it with one or two other pieces of coloured Magiclay. As you roll the pieces together to form a ball the colours will marble.
Make a number of same size balls and use a needle to pierce a hole through each ball. Set aside to dry.


  1. Thread 3 marbled balls of Magiclay onto an Eye Pin; leave 1cm of the Eye Pin unbeaded. Use Jewellery Pliers to turn back the pin into a loop to secure the beads.
  2. Open the Earring Hook with Pliers, hook on the Eye Pin and close the hook with a pair of Pliers.
  3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to create the second earring.


‘Memory’ wire is flexible and springs back into its curved form when you try to straighten it, hence the name. This piece of jewellery is very easy to make at any age as it requires no findings (i.e. clasp, crimp, split-ring etc. used put jewellery together).

  1. Cut the desired length of memory wire.
  2. To start: use a round nose pair of pliers and turn one end 1cm toward length of wire to form a loop. Close the loop with a pair of teeth pliers by pressing on the rounded end of the wire.
  3. Place Marbled beads in a row on the table and when satisfied thread these beads onto the Memory Wire.
  4. To finish: close the necklace in the same way as step 2 instructions (i.e. turn wire in 1cm).