Magiclay partridge

A Partridge in a Pear tree is taken from the Christmas carol that has that repetitious melody, pretty phrases, and a list of strange gifts: The Twelve Days of Christmas. Enhance your partridge with Liquid Glitter and Sequins.


  • Magiclay
  • Poster Colours Paint
  • Pearl Paint
  • Liquid Glitter
  • Polyballs 20mm & 40mm
  • Sequins Flat
  • Pearl Pins
  • Sequins Large
  • Satay Sticks
  • Laser Shred

How to make a Magiclay Partridge

  1. Use a small section of a Satay Stick to attach the small Polyball to the large Polyball to create the head and body of the partridge.
  2. Model the Magiclay over the two balls to create a textured head, body and tail. Pinch, squeeze and model the Magiclay to create a freestanding bird.
  3. Paint the bird with Poster Colours and Pearl Paint and when dry, paint Liquid Glitter over the bird. Set aside to dry.
  4. Pin a flat Sequin with a Pearl Pin into either side of the bird’s head for its eyes.
  5. Cut away a shape from the large Sequins to create crest feathers and push them into the top of the bird’s head.
  6. Cut a beak shape from a large Sequin and push it into the front of the bird’s face.
  7. Place the partridge in a nest of Laser Shred.