Santa face

Suitable for:

Primary levels


Paper Magiclay or Model Magic, Ocaldo Blocks, Chromacryl Paint

How to Make a Santa Face

1. Use a small ball of Paper Magiclay and flatten it to create a small disc.

2. Add facial features by pressing small amounts of Paper Magiclay onto the flat disc.

3. Create a hat from Paper Magiclay and press on to the face shape.

4. Press small balls of Paper Magiclay around the chin and pull bits away from the face, stretching it until it springs back into place to create the beard.

5. Allow shape to dry 24 hours and then paint with Chromacryl or Ocaldo Block colours.

These Santa faces could be grouped together on a large mural background or displayed individually.The Zart Paper Magiclay is very light so these may be used as fridge magnets.

Note: Approx 16 faces from 200g Paper Magiclay.